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Originally Posted by w1lp33 View Post
Oh, and if you made it this far, I have one more question. Do any of you carry a second primary with you? If you're out in the bush for 24-72 hours without a main area, what do you do if your gun goes down? Just use your secondary for the rest of the event? Or carry a small backup primary with you?
i'll carry a second rifle in my pack to be left at the cp. if my gun goes down while im out in the field i have a pistol and common sense. if my task requires i bring a different primary (ie. a sniper rifle along w my primary rifle) then i'll attach the rifle scabbard to my assault pack.

eberlestock makes great packs. other companies like mystery ranch or kifaru do as well but i've only owned eberlestock so i can't attest to the other's strengths or weaknesses
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