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Everything shown fit it the pack, lots of room left.

From the Top

Pack - 5.11 Ignitor $229
Sleeping bag - Snugpak Jungle Bag $85
Sleeping pad - Thermarest XTherm Neoair $220
Pillow - Sea-To-Summit Aeros Large $59
Tent - Catoma (MMI) Raider $249
NV Case - Tactical Tailor PVS-14 Case $49
Eyepro - Oakley M-Frame 3.0 full set $249
Axe - Gerber Downrange Tomahawk $375
Flashlight - Streamlight Polytac $69
Folder - CRKT M16-14 $100
Fixed - Hardcore Hardware LFK $149
Water Filter - MSR Miniworks $89
Nalgene bottle $15
Sea-To-Summit dry bag with toilet paper $15
MREs x 2
Sea-To-Summit large towel $30
Bushnell storage battery with photocell charge (velcros to the pack to charge on the go) $90

On the bag:

HSGI 1P1R Tacos x 2
HSGI 1P pouch (light)
Maxpedition 1P pouch (folder)
Blackhawk Serpa for 1911
Adventure Light IR beacon
Camelbak 3L bladder (internal)
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