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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
question still unanswered.. are they using real AK receivers? because if so.. it's prohibited in Canada
AFAIK Any Ver III gearbox will have to gut out extensively to the point there's not much left (material wise) inside.

Originally Posted by Dynamo View Post
how would they clone a PTW internals? Systema doesn't make AKs. the MP5 and M4s use similar parts, but they are not all interchangeable. an AEG MP5 & M4 both share the V2 gearbox, where as an AK can only fit a V3, so a PTWish system would have to be designed to fit inside those dimension.
Cloning does NOT mean you do copy, paste. I'm talking about stealing an idea. PTW Hop-up System, PTW Gearbox, motor (please fix the issue though), cylinder etc.
It's not impossible.
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