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Exclamation Re: Bolt Catch vs Bolt Carrier (WE receiver vs Ra Tech compatibility issue..?)

Hi Guys ,
For the cost of parts , and having a TIGHT budget (but still want best upgrade parts) I REALLY need to avoid such problem , after seeing theses two short section of video about Ra tech premature wearing steel vs steel parts :

(1) check at 3:30min

(2) check the whole

in your own opinion could you tell me wich Ra tech open bolt carrier unit you would purchase to install on my WE m16a1 and specifically why (the reasons) in order to avoid mentionned issue of prematural wearing on both steel agains steel parts

Guys , Let me know your toughts about this specific issue and tell me if you know a talented Tech in Montreal/Quebec/Sherbrooke Area who i could be able to trust his work and be able to get rid of this issue before i start using my unit.

Currently waiting your personal opinion/thoughts about this speficic issue !
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