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Originally Posted by MartinAirsoft View Post
What were the quirks with the GHK M4?
Mag feed lips: need to be filed open since the exit to the chamber is too small and will split after only a few rounds (from what I've experienced); resulting in double feeds, bb's in your FCG and no bb retention since the lips have 'spread' open wider than the bb size, especially under tension of a full load.

Mag follower: will get jammed brand new at times, resulting in no feed, dry firing and often crushed bb's in hop unit chamber.

Stock hop unit: somehow would fly bb's off to the left no matter how carefully aligned I tried to configure it. Bought a GBL Captain America unit, and although nicely constructed, the tedious install of the hop up rubber would often cause crushed bb's if the rubber was not pushed far enough into the unit since the rubber could obstruct the path of the ramp of the bb into the barrel. Ended going back to stock unit with Maple Leaf rubber.

Stock bolt carrier: will round off just like a WE where it engages the catch resulting in no lock back. More easily resolved in a GHK since there is more material to file on the carrier and bolt catch itself; design is also better. Resolved with aftermarket bolt carrier and heat treated bolt catch. Did this mod to my WE as well and much, much more durable than stock.

Adjusting hop up: inaccessible unless you remove rail or drill a hole in barrel nut/rail.

Other than that, the GHK is now my favourite M4. It's way lighter than my WE, the recoil is probably 3 times more than my WE. Mind you, I have customized everything on it to become that, but it wasn't inherently that until I made it for a specific need (outdoor games) . My WE is built for CQB, so now they are apple and orange when people ask me to compare them.

The GHK wasn't what it ended up to be when I first bought it with everyone lauding it's superiority over other brands. It is a quality product, but it has it's own issues just the same as WE.
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