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Sigh, not coming soon. I expect the shotgun to be a bit of an opus project. Not as difficult as the Cyclone though as the technical requrements are a fair bit easier.

Cyclone has a lot of features shoehorned into it's small form factor. It also has to be impact tough.

Still, I think it'll take me some time to get things ironed out to my satisfaction before I can turn it into a product. I also have to work out a vendor relationship and work out communications issues getting things right. Even with very literal solid model files I have issues to work out with injection mould makers. Tack on an assembly team that is outside of my direct control and probably halfway around the world. If I lose control over assembly, I need to simplify things further.

An approach that I find myself leaning towards is to basically design a pneumatic mechbox for a shotgun that I can manufacture here in Canada. Some generic compact doohickey that could be fitted into many shotgun bodies. If I can pull such a thing off, I could maintain control over the manufacturing and assembly of the important worky bits and publish a hardpoint specification to tell model builders (the vendors that make airsoft guns) where to bolt to and what things to push on to cycle shells. Basically we become engine manufacturers and other companies wrap a car around our product.
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