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Originally Posted by Jcotter View Post
hahaha I love the people of walmart reference. I'm not saying I 100% disagree. I can see both sides of this issue.

Why I feel the way I do is because if cybergun buys up all of the licenses and shuts down any company that sells something similar sans trades. All we will be left with is cybergun and unrealistic guns that have no real world counterpart. While the clone market may take money away from madbull,cybergun or umarex, ect. They are still making a shittonne of cash and doubt that clones will force them out of business. Sure the shareholders may lose a dime or two but I can live with that.

When it comes to clones very rarely is the quality on par with what was cloned. If I am ok with sacrificing some quality for cost I will. *snip*
Unfortunately what one wants and nationally accepted principles do not necessarily coincide. We would like airsoft guns free of trademark encumberances. The real steel manufacturers want to protect the image they so heavily invest into. I can't really see how it would be fair for us to purloin the appeal that real steel makers directly build even if it sucks that it'll cost us more. Truth is that if we ONLY prized combat effectiveness, then we'd be happy with airsoft guns specifically optimized for airsoft. But then nobody here really likes the look of a mag loaded paintball gun.
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