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It's overheating because you're using a 45000rpm motor on a set of high speed gears with an under powered battery.
You can't even run a tienly 30k with 13:1 gears on a 1800mah 20c battery.

I recommend turning off active braking and using a 22k motor. If you're using a 1200mah lipo, then I recommend an 18k motor.
Active braking only heats the motor during stopping, but the more amperage your motor needs, the more active braking is going to damage it, and no motor is more power hungry than a 45k motor struggling under a heavy load. Once that motor stops, it's a dead short so large you might as well be tying the battery leads together.

The lipo required to run a 45k motor on 13:1s won't fit in whatever battery compartment you have, and let me just say, it is just a completely negligent pairing and shame on you and shame on whatever retarded wannabe guntech may have recommended it.

The reason your titan seems to think the battery is low is because the ability of that battery to supply the enormous energy requirements of that setup is so woefully under achieved that the battery exhausts itself throwing everything it's little heart can muster, resulting in a very substantial voltage depression.

Look at it like this:
You are the battery; the Mah your stamina, the C rating your leg strength, the voltage is the rate you apply that strength (horsepower)
The M130 is Earth's gravity
The gear ratio is steep gradient
And the motor is a semi-truck

What's happening is you're trying to pull that semi truck up a steep gradient, you give it everything you can, get it half way, and drop dead for a few minutes until you feel good enough to start pulling again.
That moment of exhaustion is a voltage depression.
Battery starts at 12.6v, you pull the trigger, amperage spikes WELL above whatever it's rated for, and the voltage drops WELL below 9v, resulting in the mosfet thinking the battery is dead, and the battery being so hot it wishes it was dead. After a moment, the voltage comes back up, so when you unplug and plug the battery back in, the titan thinks the battery is at nominal voltage again.

45k motors are the dumbest thing ever made in airsoft. A product that sounds good, but is functionally useless, and is always applied incorrectly.

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