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Bryson aka "Uziguy" strikes again


First off let me say this was not a deal done through the ASC forums. I am usually a little more careful when purchasing online. Since being a member here since 2007 I have never had a bad experience on the classifieds or been scammed online.

With that being said I found a heck of a deal for a ASG scorpion EVO.

Seller provided additional pics and info as well as sending me a photo of his drivers licence and utility bill so I could confirm his identity. Everything seemed upfront and good to go.
Package was not sent out in agreed upon timeframe, then all comms stopped altogether. Last communication was Mar 9/17. He will not answer his phone as well.

Upon searching the name in google, his name appeared in ASC as username Uziguy. Big surprise that it involved a trade dispute.

Yes I know what your all thinking, why didn't you check that before sending an EMT? Short answer...stupidity, blinded by the good deal offered.

Does anyone on the forum know in Barrie Ont?

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