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SRC G36E Carrying Handle Compatilbility


My friend in the states got a SRC G36E with a shitty x3.5 scope. It is too far to the right and cannot be adjusted to the left. I'm in Hong Kong so I offered to see if I can find a replacement for cheaper. There are 3 main things regarding compatibility that I would like to know.
1. Can any AEG/EBB G36 carry handle fit on a SRC G36E?
2. Can a SRC G36 red dot fit on the rails on most brand G36 carry handles? They are regular picatinny rails so I would assume so.
3. Can a stand alone G36 inter-scope fit into the SRC G36E carry handle?

These are the following brands I found on the streets in Hong Kong.

Ares G36 Carrying Handle+Scope/RD is 88 bucks
Ares G36 Scope, jus the scope, is 25 (original price $35)
STAR G36 Carry Handle With Scope & Top Rail $90 (OP $95)
Chinese generic brand carry handle with scope $36
Chinese generic brand carry handle with scope+RD $51
G&P Carrying handle with scope is $100
Umarex carry handle scope+Red dot $58
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