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Originally Posted by cetane View Post

that last pic is straight propane inside.

for a tinkerer mine works well for me. for the average user the AI one is a much better unit. i'll consider getting one someday.
OMG! That thing is awesome. I'm trying to figure it out. You put in silicone oil into the quick disconnect between the torch end and the reservoir with the sighting window? Plug it back together and fill the reservoir by cranking on a tank at the propane torch end holding it upside down? How do you get the mixed gas into your mags? Do you have an adaptor which connects to the upper end to connect a valved adaptor to a 3/4" flanged adaptor to adapt to your mag? Adaptor inception!

It's like I took my entire bin of pneumatic fittings and lego'ed together a 2' extension line.
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