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Actually TM and others did that for years to get away from trade violations.

Let me put it to you folks another way, without all the "trademark" and "patent" laws. Lets say YOU make widgets. They're the best widgets on the market. You spent a lot of money designing your widgets, testing your widgets, marketting your widgets, to the point that they're generally regarded as "the best widgets on the market".

Some asshole in China takes a piece of animal shit, and shapes it like your widget. Then he stamps YOUR name on it, and sells it to people. Now people are buying polished turds with your name on them. Some people know they're turds and don't care...others don't really know, but they're buying them because it's YOUR name, and they know your widgets are top 'o the line.

So now that Chinese asshole is making money off your investment, AND potentially damaging your name.

Here's something you might not know. Madmax knows all about this. I know all about this. Both of us have had our investments and IP stolen and reproduced, trademarks, patents and copyright be damned, by unscrupulous Chinese clone shops. It costs US money. It's OUR investment. And we lose, but you lose too, because eventually we stop making super-cool widgets, and all you have left is the polished turds.

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