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Originally Posted by kudougw View Post
i appreciate all the inputs, however please stick to the topic, I just wanna know how it is done? what kind of mosfet or trigger is necessary to make such trigger/function.

Part of the topic is not just if it could be done but if it SHOULD be done. What Danke said is a valid concern; this is a safety issue for those you are playing against.

What do you do when you pull the trigger and immediately a "no duff" is called? You are unable to release the trigger without firing a round, which is where the safety issue lies. What happens when you pull the trigger and they call hit? Where does that second round go? Into the person that called the first hit? Why are you shooting somebody again that already called their hit?

It'd be completely irresponsible to implement such a system. There are ways of increasing your trigger response and rate of fire in ways that don't cause such safety issues. I have such a build in my rifle using 10:1 gears and a BTC Spectre where I have full control over the amount of rounds I put on a target, whether it just be one round or I need to rip somebody at 30+ rps in semi-auto.

I advise you take a more appropriate approach to achieving what you want instead of this current one of using a binary trigger.
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