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I feel like I can't shut up in this thread, but I was reading this:

"When setting it up as a tarp I use Nite Ize Camjams and S-Biners with some light Aluminum stakes preset with paracord to keep my setup and takedown time to an absolute minimum. This setup means no knot tying or untying and the same paracord gets used every time so there is no waste."

And I find this setup appealing, but I'm wondering if I could get some more info about how you actually set up the shelter with the poncho? How is the paracord attached to the stakes? What function does the S-Biner serve?

(I'm somewhat outdoorsy/camping challenged, so I'd appreciate any help I could be given on fashioning temporary shelter... (I picked up one of these ponchos today, because out of all the options and suggestions in that section, this is the one that appealed to me the most.)
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