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Originally Posted by w1lp33 View Post
Mcguyver: thanks for the info about the ilbe. I was interested in it because it came with the assault pack as well, but I'll now be looking for something a little smaller/lighter. How do you guys feel about the old Alice packs? I'd love to splurge on $400 3 day packs, but I have a wife to deal with, so for now I need something a little more affordable, so I'm shooting for the least shitty for $100-200... And hopefully in the future I can upgrade it to something higher end.
My packs range from about 20L to about 45L, with my most common packs ( Maxpedition Condor 28L and $225 and 5.11 Ignitor 32L and $229) doing the bulk of the work. The Eberlestock Halftrack is heavy (7lbs. empty), but built like a tank, good capacity and list is $329.

I have a secret to dealing with your wife. Hide your toy money, keep it in cash. If she says "I bet that cost $100", you can reply "Don't worry, honey, I promise that did not cost $100". And you will be able to do it with a straight face.

My Condor is about 12 years old, been through jungles, deserts, bush, South Pacific to Mexico to Florida to Manitoba. Still going strong, one zipper is bit messed up, but not bad enough for me to send it back for warranty.
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