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Originally Posted by Covax View Post
I'm curious though, you mentioned a base chance of being engaged while prepping food or shelter. Does that happen in any kind of frequency during 24-72hr games?
It will depend entirely how realistic the event is. This article is most useful if you are required to be in the field for the entire event, in a hostile environment, where the enemy could be anywhere. In this case, you MUST carry all your sustainment gear with you, and have to consider the possibility of attack. It is useful for other types of events as well, but you'll have to ask yourself why you're carrying everything if you have an out-of-play area for breaks and food.

From a tactical side I'd like to know - in another thread - how to set up camp defense if you're limited to a recon team or squad sized group and you have to crash in the field. What kind of window do you give you team, how you rotate them out, etc.
We ran an OP of 4 men at Deadfall near Picton, Ontario (which is a persistent hostile environment for 24-30 hours) and found the deepest, darkest patch of bush we could. We crawled in and did 60-120 minute watches at 50% (two slept, two watched). It's doable, but if you don't have at least a full squad or two on watch, concealment and watch is the best option.

w1lp33, Desmodus
I'm excited to hear both of you are moving towards carrying your sustainment gear. Remember a couple of things: First, if there is a place for you to safely ditch your your gear, you should use it. This article really assumes you're away from resupply for 24+ hours, and will be spending the night in a hostile environment. Second, really evaluate why you need a big pack. You may start to question the gear you have inside it.

Use it, train with it, and assess how much you really need. This article is just personal experience, and is there to give you things to consider. Ultimately, it's what YOU discover through your personal experiences that will be the best guide of all.

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