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Regarding the water resupply issue:

I generally take a 10 gal and stash it near a natural body of water that I would have a reasonable chance of drinking from either fresh or via the water filtration I have in my pack.

When I need water I hit that and take what I could process. Satisfies the needs of the event and pushes realism.


MEC 33L Bag I got Surplus - No Model Number

Outside TOP
Tooth Brush
tooth paste
foldable sink
Odour Free Wet Wipes
50 feet of paracord
Fire Starting:
6X tea candles
two lighters
waterproof matches
regular book matches
Magnesium fire starter attached to key lanyard

Inside TOP
Blowout Kit:
nitrile gloves
small first aid
nasal pharyngeal
14 gauge needle
assorted pressure bandages
various 2-0 and 4-0 silk and needle packages

BooBoo Kit:
Tylenol 400 X 300
Aleve 200 X 300
Bands - various sizes
Tensor bandage
Cotton Sling
Medium Tube Polysporin
Small Tube Vaseline
150ml bottle rubbing compound

2 X head bug net
Spare light gloves
Spare nomex gloves
Large knife
Sharpening stone
do rag
Cam paint
Hand disinfectant gel
water filter

Spare socks (Inner poly, outer wool, large cotton)
Stealth Suit Top
Stealth Suit Bottom
Towers Large
Towel Small
Issue Fleece top (not pictured)
Issue Full head Bug Net
PolyPro Top
PolyPro Long Johns
MARPAT Ranger Blanket
Hennesy Expedition
Hennessy Expedition Winter kit
Jetboil ,Titanium Spork and Jetfoil MOLLE container with small gas canister and spare large canister (all fits in the MOLLE case)

Strapped ON
6x8 Woodland Plastic Tarp
3X 16 inch bungees - OD

Marine Three Piece Sleep System (Black, Green, Gortex Bivvy)

If I really need something to sleep in and cant set up the hammock, the bivvy gets strapped on the the green and black discarded.

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