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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
Well, usually we'd only sleep when it was convenient and often only for an hour or less. Myself and others would run out of food and water too quickly. 3 liters of water doesn't last long during physical activity. Our team ruck was always, it usually, with one of our team members. Also, it's gear, so you don't leave it if you get shot, same as you don't strip down and drop your weapon. It all comes back to the respawn. Also, why are you sleeping out on a mission? When you're actually sneaking around or in combat you want to reasonably small profiled and quick. Sometimes we'd be miles away from our resupply, so we'd put together a list of what everyone needed and we'd send a runner or two. In thirty hours I'm eating probably four-six times and drinking ten liters of water. I'm very fit and healthy, but I'm a big guy. That being said, my warm and rain layers are on me. Still stay light though, you only need an under armor long sleeve and maybe a light thermal layer. For rain I have a tactical poncho that folds up really small. If it's just raining a bit we keep going, if it's torrential we usually hunker for a bit.
I believe you are totally talking about a different type of mission profile here. As everyone will agree that with excessive physical activity, water supplement is a must. The OP may be talking about a static mission profile. Let's say it's an Observation Post, which may take full rotation of a 4 man team, hence sleep is needed to avoid fatigue. Static position will also require more equipment, especially in colder temperatures (close to zero degree Celsius).

I have seen the OP operate in a warmer temp with minimal gear. Terrain and weather will also dictate what needs to go in the pack, and I'm sure you already know that.
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