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: .... and welcome back to the second Internet Zombie Shooting Competition! I'm your host, Tom!
: And I'm Jim. We've all seen Amos' impressive results and now we're going to see the conclusion.
: DonP made an unusual choice of rifle, didn't he Jim?
: Yes he did Tom. Let's go take a look right now.

: That's a custom-made Zastava M76, isn't it? But wait, has the optic been removed?
: Yes it has, Tom. DonP will be shooting with iron sights only today, at 50 feet.
: A bold choice, Jim. We'll see if it's the right one. Any truth to the rumor that this gun hasn't actually seen any action, and hasn't ever even been outside the workshop before today?
: Just a rumor, Tom. Looks like we're about to start. Let's see how this goes!

* BEEP *

: That's the 20-second timer going off, he has 10 shots and 20 seconds, doesn't he Jim?
: That's right Tom - and here's the first shot!

: Well, that zombie will have trouble walking, but it's not enough.
: No it isn't Tom, only headshots count here but there is plenty of time and ammo left. Let's see how -

: And that's just a plain old miss.
: Not a good start, Tom. DonP's moving on the the third zombie in the lineup now.

: Well, A for effort but again, only headshots count.
: Only 2 rounds remaining for this stage. It's going to be a real challenge to even keep above water even if he -

: I guess he moved right to the last zombie. Possibly a tactical choice considering the use of irons and the staggering silhouette is a little larger and easier to see.
: Let's see how that played out for him, Tom.

: Not well. Are we sure he understands the rules, Jim?
: I'm sure, Tom.


: While the next stage is being set up, let's discuss those dismal results. What are your thoughts Jim?
: Dismal is the word, Tom. Looks like the stage is ready - DonP's going to be facing a full 10 zombies on this next stage. That's two for every zombie he didn't hit on stage 1.
: Ouch. He could still wrap this up with a hit on each zombie, that's no misses. If he hits less than 5 he'll be right back where he started on round 3.

* BEEP *

: Two shots gone on the first zombie. Not good, Jim.
: Those two hits would fuck up just about anything except these zombies, but doesn't get you anywhere here. His luck has to turn around fast if -

: Could this get any worse?
: There's still 6 shots and 8 zombies, so yes - I think so.

: Better, but not nearly good enough.
: A perfect nut shot just won't cut it, Tom.
: I can't watch. I'm closing my eyes. Tell me when it's over.
: ....

: ... it's over. Stage 3 will have 20 zombies, which is an automatic failure due to being overwhelmed. Math wins again.
: What terrible results. That's not one hit, right Jim?
: That's right Tom. Just about the worst you can possibly do.
: Wait, that zombie on the far right - we can't pan the camera over enough, it could be hit.
: I applaud your dedication to technical exactitude, but don't think it matters at this point Tom. Let's take one last look at the results.

: Now I know what it's like to see shame, rather than feel it.
: You said it, Tom. On to the scoring.
: 100 points minus total unhit zombies, including the 20 DonP would have faced in stage 3 which overwhelmed him and ended the match.
: 65 points, plus bonus points 5 for the gun, 10 for the pictures, and 10 for the self-portrait. That's 90 points total. Deceptively high sounding score, but remember that due to the scoring anything under 100 is not good.
: Every point counts Jim. And let's see that portrait now.

: That about sums it up.
: Nothing else to say, Tom.
: We look forward to more results from other shooters as time goes on. And we should see DonP sporting a new signature image as a shameful badge of his performance soon.
: That we will, Tom. Thanks for joining us, and we'll see you next time!

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