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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
Care to move up to rifles at 50 feet?

10 BB's per round, same 20 second limit?
You're on!

I will contribute the following conditions, let's make this more interesting:
  1. Sighting in the rifle first is allowed. (So the nut-shots on the zombies won't be from on-the-fly adjusting aim for 8 feet)
  2. Digital pics are required for EACH target (I'm sure we would anyway, but just sayin.)
  3. Winner may provide a new signature image for the loser. Loser must use that image in their signature for at least 1 week, and it must link to this thread so curious parties can see what the hooplah was about.

Of course since we're gentlemen the image won't be tasteless or anything. Probably a cropped section of a target showcasing particularly bad results, or something.


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