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Originally Posted by Cornf1ake View Post
My gun got delayed till Monday. Dang...

This is all great info. What is duster? Is that a gas?

I watched a few YouTube vids and one guy added a few extra notches in the stock where he liked it. Everyone that reviews the gun loves it.
Duster is a propellant used in gas guns. People generally use it with Tokyo Marui GBB, or use it to lower the FPS in GBB's.

Originally Posted by Cornf1ake View Post
Got my MP7 today, one question, how do I get that orange tip off?

Here is a good video on how to do it. HOW TO: KWA MP7 Flash Hider Removal - YouTube
Careful when you are pulling off the tabs though. I broke both of mine, so my front end part is held together by ziptie.
You can use 100% acetone (nail polish remover) to get off the orange tip.
Be sure to separate your outer barrel and the flashhider. Once you do that, you can leave it in acetone and wipe off the excess orange paint from the flashhider.
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