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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Oh yeah, fuck that microswitch.... But I managed to find an off the shelf replacement if you can't get one from the manufacturer, I just can't remember where it was from though.

Also, STAR was actually the ones who had the quick change spring first (STAR then became ARES because of some reason or other which then split into ARES and S&T so 2 companies out there have quick change spring systems). And if we're going to talk about innovation ICS had the kind of cool idea about the split gearbox which I think was pretty innovative at the time and then ProWin I think made a CNC'ed split gearbox as well.

Well, for the price of an ares. which is like 2-3 hundred. getting something that has those capabilities is not bad. I personally hate ICS with a passion tho.

And when my electric switch box thing died out. I shot ARES an email. they didn't reply so I contacted Z Shot. Z shot contacted me within 12 hours and I had the switch mailed to me within 5 days. The Switch block is extremely easy to get its just gotta know how to get it.
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