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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
To expand a bit on what some of the others have said. I have about 10 brands in the locker along with Ares. I kind of expect all of them to break or have a problem at some point in their lifetime. I don't think anyone will build something that won't have problems.

What counts is the response to the problems.

In the past, and this goes for all sorts of other companies; not just Ares or airsoft makers when something would go wrong the response would be "there are plenty of other fish in the sea". In other words we've lost one customer but there are lots more out there, even if that person influences their friends and family it's a minor setback.

Now though when someone has a bad experience websites like this, or facebook will give them a massive footprint. Suddenly no one in the UK will buy a grease gun because of bad reveiws in the US. Keeping on top of issues like this will pay back in spades with solid customer loyalty.

Based on my past experince; two marks you can use as targets to shoot for would be VFC, and KWA USA as an example of an Asian manufacturer and a North Amercian distributor.

VFC makes a wide range of odd AEGs with their own internal parts. I can go to two or three of the big HK airsoft webshops and order what I need. When a part isn't up there I can email VFC direct, have someone respond to me in English and they will send the parts to me by direct mail to Canada.

KWA USA has the same approachabilty, they have a wide range of parts on hand and when new items come into their system the parts follow, it may be 3 months later but when they say the parts are coming they can be sure the factory will ship them over. Then when they have the parts they'll get you on the land line and confirm the order, and then ship them to you.

So given the choice of a KWA M4, a VFC M4 or an Ares M4 you'd really have to struggle for a reason to pick the Ares if you were placing an order. And I think that is a real lack that limits their exposure here.
You should count King Arms as one of them too, I have 4 King Arms AEG and none have issues out of the box so far the only thing I have to change on my go to field gun, my FAL is trigger switch which was burnt out (my own fault) and I upgraded the inner barrel to a madbull, if any ARES should make their product on par with those from King Arms not only do they look good they perform as well if not better than any of the typical AEG aside from a PTW out of the box.
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