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Well, I own an ARES M4 and haven't had much issue with it at all except the hop-up unit. Even with with hop-up unit now separated from the gearbox changing it hop-up with different brand e.g. Guarder caused 40 fps dropped.

I have no issue with your product except the fact stated above and you guys needs to release more of your proprietary parts e.g. (trigger assembly, gearbox, hop-up units, nozzle, and spring guide and etc...) Most your dealers rarely have anything in-stock of your parts.

I love your spring change feature but the only gun I would only buy from ARES are M4 and G36 series. I always planned to buy FN SCAR and ARES SR-25 series but then I figured out you guys used a lot more proprietary parts in them especially the magazine which FN SCAR and SR-25 can only use ARES magazines.

I would love to try to buy and hope ARES KAC LMG would be a lot better with less proprietary parts.

Do I hate ARES? Well, not really but just sometimes...
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The plush dogs were cool.

Don't let the dog haters and plushy haters get to you, man. ANYONE can post pictures of their guns, but it takes a special breed of man to post a picture of his guns with plushies!
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