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Strelok April 24th, 2012 15:14

Might as well resurrect this thread too. Post yer AK's goddamnit.

WE AK PMC turned AKM in the works. Will update soon hopefully!
G&P AK47 T3 scratch build. First gun i've ever built from spare parts.
G&G AK104 with a TM VZ61
A Tacticlol AK47M I made, current primary AEG.
My beloved RPK!

RUSTSPOT April 24th, 2012 16:10

real swords

akko April 24th, 2012 16:47

you can never have to many real swords,

boren93 April 24th, 2012 18:54

Kingsix April 24th, 2012 18:55

Ho, boy me and Kalashnikov rifles go way back....

My First Ak

Later took the stock off and rewired to top

Changed mind and went back to Classic full stock configuration

Broke stock tang at a game, managed to acquire my first metal receiver. Quasi AKM kyberpass rifle lookalike.

End result

Got creative and bought a Kingarm galil folding stock, Decided to put the galil front end on another AK I acquired.

Broke the Folding stock later on, but managed to acquire a stock tang with a missing arm. Also acquired a plastic receiver AKS-47 ( later traded to Cooney for a metal receiver which promptly cracked, starting really hating pot-metal for that point on)
^ That's right folks for the price of one M-16 you can get 2 AK-47s

Had a little revolution

Built a bayonet for Shits and giggles

Peoples liberation army acquires all Steel Type 56 assault rifle.

Manage to source a RPK front end on the cheap, Old Kraken is reborn as my RPK.
^ Mines longer :P

Bought a AK-103 with broken receiver as a temp gun for OP Rino. None of my Other guns had soviet side mounts to use with my NSPU-1PN34. Later scraped for parts when the receiver cracked further and the Weight of the scope pulled the screws right out of the receiver.

Refinished my RPK's wood furniture, added the Soviet optic rail from the AK-104 with the help of some PL construction glue. Rail is solid enough to use the scope as a carry handle. PL is some crazy shit glue....

After playing around with Cooneys AKS-74u and my AK-104 I decided I want a short carbine that takes AK mags, and went and bought a SRC AKMSU. Not liking I look I decided to do some creative moding.

(*I give credit to ancorp for his iraqi survival rifle as a inspiration)
And a AKS-47u was born.)
Currently the AKS-47u has plastic wood furniture and a AKMS folding stock, due to a unfortunate accident at CQB outdoor with some ice. Also added is a gas booster from the AK-103 that is not pictured)

Future thoughts hmmm, AKM, AKMS rifle, Type 56-2 and maybe a Type 56-1.

ARC-74 April 24th, 2012 19:20

Cyma AK47 with LCT wood kit.

Nacchi April 24th, 2012 20:19



Off_kilter May 11th, 2012 17:21

Soviet weapons go in Soviet box!

Off_kilter May 16th, 2012 19:55

Got my Echo1 drum mag today. Quite nice for 60 odd dollars.

On my room mates cyma aks74u

augherk May 22nd, 2012 13:25

My first metal AEG was a Romanian-style cybergun AIMS. Right now I'm working towards a sort of ghetto PMC look, kitted out but still a bit old school. I'm about 50% finished with my modifications for it, right now all that's on there is the new gas tube rail and a cheap silencer.
Excuse the shoddy photo, I left my SLR in Ottawa D:
I'm waiting on a new selector switch with a finger tab that's closer to the trigger, a nicer pistol grip, a 74-style flash hider, a flashlight mount and pressure switch, and a slightly less ridiculous looking red dot+laser combo.

Would anyone happen to know where I could get an upswept charging handle, like on the galil?

RacingManiac May 25th, 2012 15:21

Not messing with Airsoft at all at the moment...summer is car season...

still own them though...

Danke May 25th, 2012 15:31

Old reliable.

All VFC.

YkudzA May 28th, 2012 03:58


Originally Posted by RacingManiac (Post 1658289)
Not messing with Airsoft at all at the moment...summer is car season...

still own them though...

nice pistol grip. What kind is it?

jamex May 28th, 2012 12:00


Originally Posted by RacingManiac (Post 1658289)
Not messing with Airsoft at all at the moment...summer is car season...

still own them though...

Specs? Is that a WE PMC? Does that rail system go overtop of the existing rails?

Drake May 28th, 2012 12:14

Old pic of my 105, needs to be remade into GBBR someday...

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