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THE CAT August 5th, 2006 23:53

AS videoclip
I had some time to spare so I made this little videoclip... I blended some AS action scene with the tune Benzin from Rammstein...

Hope you like it!


Ultimus August 6th, 2006 03:37

It's 70 megs, so it would make sense to at least tell us what it is before the slower users commit to the download...

THE CAT August 6th, 2006 04:02

You're right... I will edit the thread

bluetooth August 6th, 2006 15:29

it would be nice for you to rename it for the high speed dsl internet users too it still take 10min.

bluetooth August 6th, 2006 15:42

cool vid.:) I like the scope views but the starting was kinda dumb.

ancorp August 6th, 2006 16:50

Your biggest mistake is using PCM audio. I also find the video bitrate abit high.
Reencoding in VirtualDub at 600kbits XVID and 128kbit MP3 made the file just under 20mb and still quite watchable. Dont have anywhere to upload it though.

You should consider paning and scanning the widescreen stuff to 4:3, and deinterlacing.


THE CAT August 7th, 2006 22:17

Thanks for your advices... Like I said... I had some time to spare. I'll do better next time!


Xenos-Fear August 8th, 2006 02:35

Vraiment nice ! COol que tu aies pris plusieurs videos de partout !!!

T'as fait une belle job mec !

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