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JOHNUSA July 22nd, 2006 12:10

Canada vs Us game is possible.
Some may remember me talking about a us vs ca game earlier in the season. I am in the united states and personally would love to make the idea happen. Throwing an event is not foreign to me so i am not a noob talking out of my ass.

The problems with a ca us event is simply logistics and demand. logistically there is no way for you all to bring your guns. i understand this. on the demand side: Is there enough of it to warrant the cost to make this happen. I feel to acheive this goal one must not be secretive about the event planning. One must involve the community and listen even closer to public feed back then normal.

I'll lay my plan out to you in regards to logistics. The demand comes from you.. keep in mind that i would still make certain operation sensitive things unknown to keep the surprise.

i will buy airsoft guns for you to use at he operation. a member of our team is a ca dealer. even if i got the guns from airsplat i could get 50 guns for 10,000 american.

The guns can't return with the canadians so they will be likely raffled off to the americans. i could auction 25 of them off to the americans with the proceeds going to reduce the canadian field costs. I'll keep 25 to make the next us canadian cheaper.

the field costs me 15 per man.

i intend to run a 100 man op. 200 is fine but it has to be some division of 50.

150 american dollars for the op.

15 x 100 =1500 field
200x50=10000 guns
that leaves me 3500 to run the op. this will include vehicles and mortar guns. i have alot of other props ie statellite dishes cruise missles and bombs to go around. This is where some of the surprise starts coming in. You also have to know if the op is going to happen before you run out closing negotiations with people.

i want some general input here on what you all think. Tell me about the demand side. I know alot of you have been burnt buying weapons and generally have a harder time getting ahold of aegs. That is not the situation down here. This op is for people who want to try airsoft at an international level. I imagine you guys could host an op in canada the same way. Although i beleive we can take our guns home

Thanks john usa aka Sgt.H.N.I.C.

BC_K July 22nd, 2006 12:32

Good plan for the most bit, but just not being able to use our own guns, which we've tuned to our own taste, that just ruins it all.

Janus July 22nd, 2006 12:34

Airsoft can't be imported into Canada. I'm not too sure about taking it out of the country, but I doubt Customs cares too much on that score. So we could bring our toys, we'd just have to leave 'em there.

Amgoosen July 22nd, 2006 12:39


Originally Posted by JanusDP
Airsoft can't be imported into Canada. I'm not too sure about taking it out of the country, but I doubt Customs cares too much on that score. So we could bring our toys, we'd just have to leave 'em there.

You didnt read a word of that post did you? :smack:

Personally I think its a pretty cool idea, but could you give us a total cost estimate?

Lisa July 22nd, 2006 12:47

Not a bad idea, one question, would the guns be upgraded etc? Some of us have some specialized kit.

JOHNUSA July 22nd, 2006 14:18

150 us dollars is projected cost for us and canadian. i want to auction 25 guns at the game to americans to spread the money over the candians.

so americans can come and buy a cheap gun. and canadains play in the us and we auction guns to lower their registration. The auction potentially could lower canadian costs 50 us. but who knows it's an auction.

i hope the guns will be a mix of diff types. i would like to get at least ca ak47 quality. i projected the costs of guns retail from airsplat.

upgrading guns. iguess at this point you could pay the cost difference. a spring costs 20 dollars us. if ther was enough interest i could do spring swaps on all the guns for some small fee. 5-10 dollars. but i won't order a crap load of upgrade parts.

i want to try to minimalize the cost of this event for both sides. if you have ideas on how to do that i am all ears.

i am also from north east ohio if that helps anyone. takes me 3 hours to get to niagra falls ca.

i have spent this season simply browsing your forums. I know the differences between the ways we play and i think it will be very fun and very different to pull those ideas to gether in one operation.

thanks for the interest.


ILLusion July 22nd, 2006 14:49

There are also certain items that we can carry across back and forth. The main issue that Canadians have are with bodies/receivers/pistol frames and sometimes the slide as well.

If some of us are that picky about our kit, and we travel in a large enough group, there is bound to be someone with the skill to reassemble several guns in a night. For gearbox upgrades, we can just bring our own existing gearboxes which will be faster than having to get inside the gearbox to do a swap.

If it's complete conversion kits, all we would need on the US side is a metal receiver - although a complete gun building project like that will take some time and the builder could be limited to building about only 2 or 3 guns in one day.

Once the operation is complete, we can disassemble the guns and take back all our original parts, and in the end, we get our own customized guns and the cost to JOHNUSA is much lower.

That would be the route I would like to go if I went on this op, simply because all of my guns are so customized and would like to keep it that way if possible.

lt_poncho July 22nd, 2006 15:21

I'm sure you would attract the 'If it goes bang, it works for me' croud, JohnUSA - Things like a bushing and spring upgrades dont take too long to do either. Regardless, I can't see how something as microscopic as AEG upgrades would break a game such as the one you'd like to plan. Those who can see the big picture woud appreciate the game - so long as it's a friendly game, unlike a few CAN/USA hockey games I know of.

Aquamarine July 22nd, 2006 15:59

it is certainly something that peaks my personal interest. I have no qualms using a non-upgraded gun, as that's what my G36 and a couple others that I have had prior. The only upgraded gun I own though is my G3SG1 which is 1/2 in Saskatchewan and 1/2 in Trenton.

Which year did you think this would be going on, and at what time of the year? Also, which state? If you could organize it at a state somewhere along the US/Canada border (MONTANA!) then that would certainly help those of us Canadians that don't live within an hour of the border (5 hours North for me!)

JOHNUSA July 22nd, 2006 16:32

i live in ohio.

when the game is held depends on the demand. i knew if i went to the local community with this they would want to know if the candians were coming first. i figured the same for you guys. Well i had to start somewhere.

50 people won't be hard in my area.

would people from ontario come or all over. thoughts?

Lisa July 22nd, 2006 16:37

you would probably see people from coast to coast. operation keystone strike has people driving from both ends of canada to meet near the center...

Ghost Snake July 22nd, 2006 19:22

I think this is an awesome idea. Props for taking the time to try and make this work.

This has great potential to be an awesome game IMO. And I'm really liking the mechbox swap thing. Everybody just takes their favorite upgraded mechbox over to the game, and swaps it into a suitable gun. Even switching to a tight bore would only take minutes. You could easily swap a mechbox on most guns in under half an hour. I dont know what your local fields are like, but if you could get a MOUT course like the "Irene's", that would just kick ass. Most Canadians will never get to experience that.

PTE. Pyle July 22nd, 2006 21:00

hell yeah i woud defenatly be in for that. my sugestions for location would be hold it in a border town, or as close to the us canada border as possible. i think this would be an awsome game. defenatly sounds like a fun time.

heh cadpat vs marpat :tup: :infantry:

JOHNUSA July 23rd, 2006 10:48

Getting all the correct guns for diff people then upgrading pre game. tall order. i am here to make you guys happy. if i don't do that then i have failed.

hearing you guys are willing to work on your own guns shows me how important it is to you and how dedicated you are to the idea of us ca.

i am picturing 50 gun bodies and 50 mechboxes in a pile and taskforce putting them all backtogether....harder to auction a gun that doesn't have a mech box in it as well.

i am willing to do this. however i don't know if i can. our guy is a classic army dealer. this allows me to get better guns cheaper. if i start ordering 1/3 of each tm ca ics my cost goes way way up. still possible but eats the money that would be used for the actual op.

now.. what if like i said you could have 2 maybe 3 gun types to choose from. i can upgrade them for the cost of a spring.(pre game) and let's say we cap the fps off at a reasonable level. say 350fps for both sides. most stock ca ics guns quote harder than that out of the box. no it isn't true, but it is comparable. i would also have to limit machineguns and snipers. i could probably supply a couple mgs and a sniper to the candian side.

someone else mentioned keeping this a fun game. i definately don't want this to turn into a rivalry situation. This is about america and canda sharing the love of airsoft. not about seeing who is better. In fact this will be a small representation of airsoft in america and in canada. we'll see people from all over but that doesn't mean we are the best america and canada has to offer.I'm all about the milsim but it shouldn't be a pissing match between two countries.

This is about the look on the americans faces when i tell them they actually have to drag the dead. or to see how you guys react to the level of roleplay that has become popular in ohio. our medic rules can be pretty good. This is about two countries camping out on the border of their two lands sharing some good times good stories and a kick ass op.


Manaconda July 23rd, 2006 11:11

I'd deffinately go. I love AK's a like shooting " cans" but this would be lots of fun and a great way to meet some more people outside of our own small comunity

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