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Rob101 November 1st, 2012 23:59

Specific unit's in Nam
Hey guys I'm trying to organize a Vietnam them with a hanful of the guys on my tean and were, having a bit of a pain choosing who to base ourselves off. We dont want to pick one everyone else is based on. If there is any suggestions it would be very much appreciated, hopefully next year we can get out and do some reenactments.

S.H.I.E.L.D. November 2nd, 2012 00:27

Army, Marines. Rangers, SOG, SEALs/UDT? What branch are you going for? There were tons of units assigned to Vietnam.

Rob101 November 2nd, 2012 08:45

Were thinking along the lines of USMC but we don't want to pick the same units that other teams within Ontario and Quebec already have choosen. Just to maybe save th confusion. When i wasn't into airsoft i was collecting Vietnam equipment and i wanted to do the cavalry. Are they already used?

Rob101 November 2nd, 2012 15:17

Never really thought about it. Im thinking just infantry.

Rob101 November 2nd, 2012 16:38

It would be usmc doesn't really matter for the period really. So far for out group we have 3 infantry guys plus a M60 gunner and a sniper.

Rob101 November 2nd, 2012 16:48

Sorry bout the way i worded it. Ok i can go threw some books and google for info ob the looks. I dated my gear it roughly varys between 64-67 on my webbing. My helmet was part of an airborn division when i reserched it online.

Rob101 January 15th, 2013 23:58

I'm just trying to figure the most common load out and then go from there. Weren't the kits customized anyway to the way the shooter wanted ?

Bravo One-Six January 16th, 2013 00:37

Your basic US infantry requires the M56 gear and the jungle fatigues. Early war (65), you'll want the utility uniform as opposed to the jungles.

Are you trying to do a specific unit and specific time, or a very generic impression? Mike's right because it will definitely affect your choices. :)

ts10z January 16th, 2013 03:26

The other problem with USMC kits is they have a bunch of stuff that was ONLY issued to Marines. And often used almost exclusively in place of what the Army used. They only got jungle rucks really late in the war(as in right about the time they were being sent home). Instead they used an OD version of the 782 pack system, which is the same pack they used in WWII. Also they used the WWII style Marine suspenders in OD till about 65 or 66 I think. They also had specific mag pouches for their primary weapon which was different than the M56 pouches, and there was an actual separate pouch for if they were issued an M14 or an M16, or a 30 round M16. Also ERDL was more common to late war Marines than tiger stripe, and eventually even more common in combat than ODs.

Doing a more generic line dog impression is easier because a lot of the gear can be used for different timer periods. The M56 pouches werent retired immediatly when the newer ones came out. I have seen pictures in the 70s of them still using the 56s, but it obviously cant go the other way if you are trying to be accurate

Rob101 January 16th, 2013 11:19

Just looking to do something general really. When I get home I'll try and figure out how to post my kit just to show what i have sofar. I have a few things on the way such as a helmet cover and small additions. So far on my kit itself I have 2 M14 mag pouches, suspenders, but pack, shovel, cantine, compas/ dressing pouch, carebiner clip, (most dated 1965) a helmet I traced back to Nam from the airborne. Repro jungle boots and I will need another uniform shortly I have a set of Od parkland uniform but its not like what they had. Oh plus I have a bayonet that I haven't checked the date on. I'd like to mimic the7th cavalry or even 173rd airborn but alot of groups already are, I want to find a unit that no one has covered yet. By the looks we have 5 including myself ready to do a Nam theme and one guy who wants to be SOG.

muddertrucker January 16th, 2013 17:57

Wich ever impression you go for you won't find too many people in quebec doing the same as only a handfull of people in that province have a specific theme to their impression.

Rob101 January 16th, 2013 20:09

Theres the answer I was looking for lol thx skeletor. The cavalry and 173rd are kinda glorified mostly.

Bravo One-Six January 16th, 2013 22:56


There is a lot of good advice in this thread. Mike's been bang on in his recommendations.

Doing a Vietnam impression can go one of two ways:
You can phone it in. Or you can be serious about it.

If you're going to just dress up for airsoft games, and you don't want to do any real research, then get yourself basic US Army Infantry uniform and equipment and call it a day. Don't pick a unit. Don't put insignia on. This is easy to do, and will look just fine for your purposes.

However, if you really have an interest in the history, the equipment, the parties involved, and want to be as authentic as possible.... you should stop. And read.

Google the units involved, and read some of their histories. Pick up a few books and read about the way equipment was introduced and evolved over time. Find a few non-fiction accounts and discover the personal experiences of the people who fought on both sides.

If you want to be serious about it, you're entering a world where every bit of research you do pays off exponentially. We have a guy who's made contacts with vets that provide us with tons of advice. He got those contacts by being invited to their reunion. He proved he wasn't a poser by knowing a ton about what they went through. And he did that because he was insatiable when it came to learning. I'm sure most of the guys who are into this can testify to sitting and staring at pictures trying to analyze what kind of gear the guy has, or what piece of equipment that is. Your load out can look drastically different from 65 to 69. 9th Infantry in the Mekong to 25th at Cu Chi.

Don't put a unit patch on unless you're ready to dig deep into the whole war. It's one thing to go to an airsoft event and not know what that unit was up to. It's another to be standing in front of some vets, trying to justify why you don't know what regiment you're from.

I promise that if you need help, you're among the only Vietnam reenactors in Canada right now.. you couldn't have a better resource. But they're going to want to know you're really going balls to the walls and respecting the service of every unit on both sides. :)

Rob101 January 17th, 2013 00:24

It makes sense Bravo. I was just getting a little to carried away with it, I'll definitely do some research into it I don't want to disrespect those who fought and died in Vietnam. The comment thanking skeletor was just to thank him for listing out many units and devisions that were involved in Vietnam. I'll definitely start some research and go in depth with it. Thx guys

Bravo One-Six January 17th, 2013 00:42

We're here for you man. As you work your way through the information, definitely feel free to ask for clarification if things don't quite make sense, or if you want to verify what you're finding out.

It's a war that went on for 10+ years, so there are lots of different options for you.

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