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Suxar September 7th, 2011 06:57

Спасибо Парни.
Ваши ответы нам очень помогают.

Silverback93 November 18th, 2011 23:58


Originally Posted by ghost271 (Post 1527819)
The mag pouches sucked ass !!! Try doing an assault with a mag change. Most times I'd drop it down my shirt because trying to get a mag into the pouch ( especially if it was wet) was near impossible. Most of the guys that had done tours cut the cloth/tab system off and stitched velcro on instead. I hated being stuck carrying the C-9 box mags. 3 on the hip and one on the gun made for one helluva a leg workout while doing advances.

I miss the OD stuff but the CADPAT does function phenominally.

The cadpat pattern is excellent. I love it, however I do wish some of the aspects of the older uniforms were included in the new cadpat ones. I'm a reservist and I've only been in for a year or so but there are several things about the current uniforms that annoy me so much. The velcro is the main problem. I wish you could have the nametag sewed on, and ever the flag because I find the flag coming off if your in a hurry to throw on your tac vest as it catches up some times.

ForrestWhite April 26th, 2013 10:40


Originally Posted by Jbone 11 11 (Post 1524973)
Even later... I used to go through Rideau Centre in Ottawa daily for the bus, and I distinctly remember seeing OD's walking to and from NDHQ around 2001-02. Mind you they were rare a that time as all the Super-elite admin staff at NDHQ needed there new CADPAT to blend in with the Starbucks environment, before grunts in the field got there's....but thats another matter:cool:

I do love the Volstad drawing (painting?) of the Mcpl form the Vandoo's.... looks like he could give rusty F-word about being a soldier. LOL!

Personally, I miss the OD's. Bomb-proof build quality... well, until one got "Combat-
discount lingerie" syndrome that is ;)

Military life is very hard. Just joined military and I am finding hard to survive. Adam staff is pretty nice here

pugs144 April 26th, 2013 10:48


Originally Posted by Sasha (Post 1527382)

Also, I just realised that we went from a pretty customizable modular setup to a static one with 4 mag pouches. DRDC has a lot to answer for...

I always thought DLR shared some of the blame, but DRDC?

Basic-Wedge April 26th, 2013 11:21

I realize this is an old thread come back to life, but this particular era of Canadian military history is the primary focus of our airsoft team, the South Manitoba Rifles.

For those looking for information about the Canadian Army of the pre-CadPat era, our team's website contains a wealth of details on the subject.

You can see for yourself at:

If you like what you see on our website, you're welcome to register, but most of the information about the Canadian Army during the Cold War is viewable by all visitors.

I'd also like to mention that members of our team participate annually in Operation East Wind, a Cold War reenactment event held each March in Oklahoma.

nichtessen April 29th, 2013 21:58

80's style. What was the head gear? I've seen a helmet with a type of camo pattern and that weird OD bush hat. As for the weapon. Hearing mainly the FAL was in use.

nichtessen April 29th, 2013 22:11

Thanks so much Skeletor. Can try and complete my kit over the next couple of months.

Silverback93 April 30th, 2013 21:29

After seeing this, I've definitely been totally swayed to create a full OD loadout.

peacekeeper May 1st, 2013 01:05

Gotta love the peter pan hats :) , still got mine somewere . I still rock my old M82 pattern gear .

peacekeeper May 1st, 2013 01:06

hey since were talking about old 80-90's stuff , did they ever make an accurate FN ? id love to get one again , I Had one for awile ( the king arms one ) and made the mistake of selling it .

Mordarski J.A. May 1st, 2013 07:06

The closest thing to the C1 I believe is the Ares model (modeled after the L1A1). It needs a complete wood-furniture makeover, but it shouldn't be terribly difficult. A teammate of mine had a KA version, decent weight (MUCH lighter than the real thing) and it threw BB's a decent distance.

Unfortunately, I got bit by the GBBR bug so I'm holding onto my pipe dream that maybe someday someone might actually make a GBBR version. I know it's not likely to happen though.

nichtessen May 1st, 2013 10:08

Was just looking at a FN close to the style. I cant even find spare mags for a FN that isn't mid-highcap with the damn wheel on the bottom! Different style mags that fit this?

peacekeeper May 2nd, 2013 00:49

I had the king arms one , I found exrtra mags for it

siglynn May 2nd, 2013 02:59

Was issued the c2 and the useless bra during basic and was the last course to do the c5 and also test the 50cals during the testing fase in pet what a crazy place that was but would not change it for the world and miss the old place.

spattsgt May 2nd, 2013 13:03

Just my 2 cents, but

The ares or ka L1A1 is the preferred weapon as when I was looking at them, both have the proper flash eliminator and a folding cocking handle. The KA FAL has the round cocking handle and could do in a pinch I suppose

Also if you want to not worry about magazine pouches, and you can if you can find it, 64 pattern webbing might do well. The 64 pattern webbing had-
1. belt with a cheap buckle
2. Y strap web suspenders
3. Mess tin carrier
4. Water bottle carrier w/canteen
5. Grenade pouch
6. Gas Mask
7. Holster for 9mm finger for those of the officer class

I know I still have mine, because my son uses it, so I try and post some pics when I get a chance

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