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sdkfz234 April 15th, 2006 14:19

Shortened Glock 19
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Here's a project I worked on when I found a spare Glock 19 frame for sale in the classifieds.

It's a boring old Glock 19 with a frame cut-down to accept the 15 round magazine.

Other minor modifications include:
- Guarder metal magazine catch
- Guarder enhanced hammer spring
- Universal Clipdraw
- some polished bits here and there

CDN_Stalker April 15th, 2006 14:42

Interesting. Looks like G19 slide mated to a G26 frome. Clip is also an interesting thing to add, looks almost 'getto' in a way.

tiger-unit April 16th, 2006 16:27

looks good, except for the clip, like a holster and gun in 1 ? lol

14K April 29th, 2006 23:31

nice laptop u got their, and yeah love your gun!! the "clip/holdster" w/e seems pretty creative!!

May 18th, 2006 12:08

I've seen those mentioned in an older gun publication. This is slightly differant, but the ones I saw replaced the slide release (I think?). They allow for the Glock to be carried inside the waistband without slipping. A boon to undercover officers.

Kimbo May 18th, 2006 13:48

That's a crazy mod.

Nice job.

Now it'd be waaay to small for my big mittens.

theskifreak September 8th, 2007 13:12

nice glock
i love the clip on the side

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