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MMMiles! September 5th, 2005 16:31

Labour Day Raffle - CLOSED - Draw coming soon
<center><img src="images/img_supportthanks.jpg"></center>

Welcome to what I hope will be the first of several ASC raffles to help support the site, brought to you by Trumart, Airsoft-Innovations, and me. Hot graphics thanks to Phrozen (no pun intended). Read on for details!

MMMiles! September 5th, 2005 16:31

<center><img src="images/img_prizesfinal.jpg"></center>

The goods:
- 100 tickets will be sold at $10 each
- All existing Silver, Gold and Platinum Members will receive a free ticket! These are separate from the 100 tickets for sale.
- Only one ticket per person
- Contest is open until all tickets are sold, or the end of september, whichever is sooner
- Winners will be drawn live in the chatroom 1-2 days after raffle ends, and posted in this thread (you do not need to be present to win, of course)
- Contest is open to everyone, including ASC staff, except for Tru, MadMax, and myself.
- If a winner is drawn for one of the 2 guns that is not age verified, they will have one month to get verified, or find someone who is, who can accept the prize on their behalf
- Winners of the bb package pay shipping (sorry, they're heavy), all other items shipping is included
- Prizes are made possible by support from Tru at Trumart, Carl at Airsoft-Innovations, and my wallet.
- All proceeds after costs go towards supporting ASC

Thinking of donating? All supporters of Silver level or above will receive a ticket with their donation, donate now, or increase your donation if you're already a supporter. Gold and Platinum Level will receive a free ticket to the next raffle as well!
Donation information can be found here:

Since we've never done this before, I have no idea what's going to happen, so it's going to be exciting, one way or another.

Payment is accepted by Paypal, EMT, direct deposit or credit card.

Payment methods:
EMT, Paypal to:
Or click this link for Paypal, and Credit Card (via paypal):

If you want to do a direct deposit, or have other questions, just email

Ace12GA September 5th, 2005 16:34

So guys that already made a donation are entered, but can we also buy a regular ticket?

MMMiles! September 5th, 2005 16:40


Originally Posted by Ace12GA
So guys that already made a donation are entered, but can we also buy a regular ticket?

No, just one ticket per person.
Some people havbe pointed out this sounded a little weird, but I just wanted to be fair, especially for our first raffle. If all goes well, there will be more.

conrad September 5th, 2005 16:49

*EDIT* found answer, please delete

Jugglez September 5th, 2005 16:50

Nice :tup:

HGI September 5th, 2005 16:54

paypal you 10$ for the ticket.


MMMiles! September 5th, 2005 16:56


Originally Posted by conrad
So if you do win a prize, is shipping included? or winner pays shipping?

Shipping is included in all prizes except the bb's.

Syphen September 5th, 2005 17:02

Cool! Sounds like fun, if I hadn't already donated, I would buy more tickets :P

Greykin September 5th, 2005 17:05

Aha, EMT sent =D.

MMMiles! September 5th, 2005 17:14

Please include your ASC username with your ticket purchase! I can still track you down, it just saves me time if you let me know who you are.

johnnyrico September 5th, 2005 17:30

ASC Raffle
I Paypal'ed $10.00 cad for a ticket, included my Username.


Lokes September 5th, 2005 17:47

Sweet idea!
Can't wait to get my new H&K USP Compact :)

Zanzibarbarian September 5th, 2005 18:08

EMT'd :salute:

EN SABAH NUR September 5th, 2005 18:08

I have a ticket too? yay!

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