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Bigload July 11th, 2016 23:57

BB's review
I am not sure if there is a BB's review thread already. But I just wanted to share some info.

BB's: Infinity Brand 0.25
Temp 28-30 oC
Rifle / Pistol - We GBBR / We G17 / KJW KC02


1. WE M4 : caused my nozzle arm to break, BB's shattered, 6 bb's jammed firmly inside hop chamber. I had to shave down / file down the bb's for it to free up.

2. WE G17 : BB's mis-feed and sat in the blowback housing.

3. Another WE M4 : caused bb's to shatter before hop chamber, BB bits were all stuck outside of chamber

4. Just found out - on the same day using same BB's - I opened my KC-02 and found a BB sitting INSIDE MY NOZZLE behind the valve.

If you are a GBBR user, avoid this brand. This brand might work with AEG's (I haven't tried it), but I will only use this brand for my Spring Sniper.

tdotsofter July 12th, 2016 00:05

Sounds like a shit brand from the start...

ThunderCactus July 12th, 2016 01:34

There's been a few if you wanna search for them and update those

Red Dot July 12th, 2016 04:02

I've sold and used them on a couple of occasions with a WE Big Bird... about 10+ mags through the pistol no issue. I never really inspected them but I would always recommended throwing in a few more dollars for Elite Force, Madbull, Krytac or BB Bastards.

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