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bluetooth August 2nd, 2006 20:33

any cons about sniper rifle
I cant decide to get this or this with a bipod, weaver rails, and a scope.
Are there any cons about the m324 like bad range bad accuracy ect. because i know that the marui is better quality then the utg but the utg seems to have good reviews and it comes with the rails, scope, and bipod and i would probably buy a tight bore and do the teflon mod to get it up to 450fps and it would still only be $200 usd compared to spending over $300 for the upgraded marui and accessorys.

I would appreciate any replys. Thnx in advance. :-D

bean August 2nd, 2006 20:36

teh vsr or cheaper usr are the way to go but they also involve lots of dollars worth of upgrades to be useful

Lisa August 2nd, 2006 20:41

Look at the gspec, it has the tightbore and stuff already added.

bluetooth August 2nd, 2006 20:42

But its still only 275 fps.:(

Droc August 2nd, 2006 20:46

thats easily changed. it shoots stock, same as 90% of guns off the shelf...thats what upgrades are for.

bean August 2nd, 2006 20:57

Also the vsr has a very effective hop-up which gives it more range without as much velocity

bluetooth August 2nd, 2006 21:00

So do you think getting the vsr and putting in a laylax 120 spring is a better buy than the m324?

bean August 2nd, 2006 21:04

the utg is a innacurate piece of crap from what i read and is not worthy of being called a sniper rifle same as the super9 etc. You are much better off getting the hfc usr 11 and spending the money you save in getting a zero trigger and spring. If you have any upgrade questions feel free to ask me

bluetooth August 2nd, 2006 21:11

If i get a 120 or 130 spring will i need a reinforsed trigger sear or anything

bean August 2nd, 2006 21:29

With those springs you wont be getting to much more range than any normal gun. I have run around 1000 shots through mine with a 120 in it and no reinforcements. It works and gets the job done albeit at closer range than a sniper should normally be.

bluetooth August 3rd, 2006 08:42

Thats ok i dont plan on playing in any big games yet. Just with my friends.

Nabisco_Lobstrosity August 3rd, 2006 09:41

Out of the box, an HFC USR-11 will tear into the side of a pop can from a foot away with a .20g, but the BB will only severely dent the opposite side.

After the "real shock" weights have been removed from the piston, and you maybe seal a few things with a little teflon (plumbing) tape, the same shot will happily go through a pop can fired under the same conditions.

Compare this to the guns you and your friends already use. Consider if the price of an HFC USR-11 (and possibly the price of a small roll of teflon tape) suit what you want your gun to do. If it all seems overboard to you, then just go for the UTG - it's dirt cheap, and if you want to "upgrade it" down the road, you still can (if only a relatively small amount, in comparison to, for example, some $600 gas sniper rifle).

bluetooth August 3rd, 2006 10:00

I think ill get the vsr-10 and put a 120 spring in it and do the teflon upgrade. But i can't find any articles on how to do the teflon mod to the vsr i found it for the m324.

Nabisco_Lobstrosity August 3rd, 2006 10:14

Sealing with plumbing tape is pretty much the same with any gun, once you get past the various different ways that different guns are taken apart. Figure out how your rifle can be disassembled, first, then compare it to that teflon mod for the UTG M324.

I would've hoped/thought that the VSR wouldn't even get any sort of benefit from such a small tweak, but if my USR is indeed such a close copy of it, then I recommend a few winds of tape where:

- the outside edge of the hop-up rubber mates with the inner barrel
- the threads are inside the piston chamber head
- the nozel on the end of the piston chamber mates inside the outer barrel

We always hope that these things were manufactured well, but some times a little maintenance is required.

Your 120 spring should also be fine without replacing the spring guide or sears or anything like that. I'm saying it'll work fine, likely for as long as any rifle typically lives, but some times you want to treat your stuff nicely so it might last a little longer.

bluetooth August 3rd, 2006 10:46

Thnx for all your help :-)

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