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aZn_triXta07 January 7th, 2007 20:00 -- New retailer?

Don't know how long they have been up for. Anyone actually tried ordering from them yet?

medhatboy January 7th, 2007 20:10

they don't have much in stock, my guess is they just opened.

karbon January 7th, 2007 20:23

yay soft air :p
They seem like people that should be selling clearsoft.

Amos January 7th, 2007 20:29

lol crap

mcguyver January 7th, 2007 20:34

ICS and Classic Army coming soon!!

Good luck with that one!!

This looks more like a Rodeo Clown College than an airsoft store.

Happy 1000th post for me, until this gets trashed!!

Canadian Psycho January 7th, 2007 21:16

they run out of a Paintball arena in Red Deer alberta, some people i know questiong their business practices because of the paintball place they run there(Paintball Busters) and some also think they may be selling to underagers( i don't really know the guy much who owns the place very much so i don't know). I have been out there, they don't stock much except cheap junk(CYMA's, UTGs...etc) they seem to know a bit about the guns, but not much about the internals or anything. they can only order in ICS and CA guns for now, may get TMs in the future. but thats about all i know.

Mr Jon January 7th, 2007 21:51

I like how they ripped off the KAC website banner design

Skruface January 7th, 2007 21:56

Bleh. I don't buy anything online from people who can't spell their way out of a paper bag....

Red Ghost January 7th, 2007 22:09

Isn't it great that they catagorize my low end, mid-grade and hi-end? Insn't it awesome how they don't list manufacturers in the mid range guns, leading me to believe that they're selling crap.

It must be new. And they can't be hoping to make money of the REAL sport of airsoft.

Phil_Black January 7th, 2007 22:13

i don't know what you guys talking about i cant get a hold on this page.

Mongoose January 8th, 2007 00:29

This site looks cheap. Think I'd rather stay with ASC, A&A Airsoft and the rest of the retailers that have good reputations. They practically have no stock or selection. I don't think this retailer will be in business long.

Droc January 8th, 2007 01:16

there isnt even a email address to contact them with, just a plug in your info forum. No "about us" info, not even a location for the store.

almost as bad as this guy selling "high quality guns" out of the toronto area.

Greylocks January 8th, 2007 10:35

I wonder how often we'll have to tell people to buy from the list we already have?

The retailers on our list are there for a reason; trustworthy.

Basic reasoning says that if they are NOT on our list; avoid or triple check. If they are the source of all the underage problems in the area, avoid further or report them to the cops.

(I just read their policies, and a fair chunk of their site. They could have tried to use a spell-checker. It sounds like work done by a 12 year old kid)

aZn_triXta07 January 8th, 2007 12:29

Uhm, I'm not buying from them, I just so happened to come across this site and was wondering if anyone else had heard of them as some have said they seem new and not established yet.

And yes I have bought from retailers from the list so I suggest you stop making assumptions. No disrespect here Grey.

TCLP January 8th, 2007 16:04

They will be in buisness as long as they still sell paintball equipment, which they will be. Also the website sucks(as previously mentioned) but the storefront is great. They have informed some of the local Red Deer players that they will recieve ICS and CA soon and will be looking into selling ksc gbbs. As for them selling to minors thats the only thing that our club is really worried about.

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