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kdogg August 23rd, 2006 01:53

Tokyo Marui Mk23 SOCOM upgrades? Whatca guys done with them?
Sitting here thinking. I've got 2 Tokyo Marui Mk23 complete kits and I've wondering what if anything is worth while for upgrades.

Unlike my KSC Mk23, not much is needed for these things. Was reading over on the airsoft Ohio forums that STTI makes a cheap Mk23 SOCOM gun for like $69 dollars USD that has mags compatible with the Marui Mk23 and that just the mags will net you 360 FPS on a stock Marui Mk23 due to the high flows in them and they only cost around $20 dollars USD each. Seems cheaper then buying a bunch of Marui mags and high flows.

Then what about tightbores? 6.03, 6.04? There much difference when it comes to gas pistols? Wonder how much higher you can get FPS if you say throw in a NINE BALL Air Seal Chamber (basically a hopup bucking for pistols) and a tight bore into them.

Hrm anyone done anything like this? Thoughts?

Ghost Snake August 23rd, 2006 02:10

You pretty much covered it. Tightbore, high flow valve and the air seal chamber packing. I dont have any experience with the chamber packing, but I can see the theory behind it. The FPS increase will probably be very minimal, but I'm sure it helps a bit. Even if it doesnt, they're cheap.

spaceghost0 August 23rd, 2006 20:30

Tightbores tend to do very well in gas guns as far as FPS goes. If you're looking for odd mods, fire up google translator and hit this:

Should give you some ideas if you're bored and want to customize the guts a little.

kdogg August 23rd, 2006 21:50

Ok well I used the translator, I understand the suppressor mod but whats the other one with the hammer?

The english of the google translator was VERY broken so it made it hard to fallow.

spaceghost0 August 25th, 2006 23:01

Heh, well, I'm not entirely sure myself. What I could figure was that the hammer was cut down for faster travel and generally to get it out of the way. Although I can't imagine that being a big problem?

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