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BobbyDangerous November 7th, 2017 14:24

Poseidon Ice Pick
Anyone have any experience with these? Thinking about getting one and the valve kit for my WE G17

Chromey November 9th, 2017 18:11

Yes I'd like to know this too.

BobbyDangerous November 9th, 2017 18:50

I ended up grabbing something else like it. It improves the cooling. I basically emptied a mag then refilled and emptied the same one while it was cold and it was flawless. I send you the link.

BobbyDangerous November 9th, 2017 19:28

It’s the maple leaf ESO.

DuffMan November 9th, 2017 20:46

I personally used the Ice Pick when I was in Taiwan, it works really well.

tiger111 November 20th, 2017 22:02

Saw some parts on jka advertising poseidon parts only parts looks interesting is an air cushion.Guess you could blow gas from/through your barrel.

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